Tips To Consider When Using A Penile Pump


A penile pump is a cylinder placed on the penile and afterward air is removed from the pump enhancing the creation of a vacuum within the cylinder over the special male organ. The use of a penile pump is one of the methods commonly employed by most men to add an extra mile of their equipment. The use of the penile pump is because, most men are used to consider the size of their sexual organ, and for this reason, they tend to use the penile pump which they believe comes to their rescue.


 On the other hand, it is worth noting that for any man with the desire of using Bathmate penile pump, there is need to consider some points to ensure that his health is not at risk. The proper use of a penile pump guarantees the best results of enlarging a special male organ even though this does not last for a long period.


On the time of using a penile pump, it is crucial to ensure that the pump you are using has a gauge. It is important for each package of a penile pump to be packed with a pressure gauge accompanied by the range in which the pressure should be when using the penile pump. It is the gauge that guides the person using the pressure pump on which point of pressure should be applied. Ensure that you also disinfect a new pump before using it. The disinfection of the cylinder is important as it ensures that the bacteria that could be present in the pump at are done away with. Thus it is crucial not to skip this aspect.


Whenever one is using a penile pump, it is crucial to understand that it can only be used once in a day for the people who are used to them. The manufacturers on making the penile pump design them for use only once a day, but for the people using the pumps for their first time, they can use the pumps two or even three times in a week up to when they are accustomed to its use.


It is also advisable to get the special male organ warmed before use to ensure that it complies with the flow of blood on inserting a penile pump. The warming of the male sexual organ can be done by soaking a towel or a piece of cloth into relatively warm water and then wrapping the sexual organ of a man with the piece of cloth or the towel for two or three minutes. It is also advisable to massage the male sexual organ to erection before putting it into the penile pump. For this reason, it is imperative to follow the right procedures whenever you are using a penile pump for better results.