Management of Erectile Dysfunction


Vacuum constriction devices used mostly by men who are unable to get and maintain an erection. It is made up of an acrylic cylinder with an external pump and is usually attached to the end of the organ directly. It also has a constriction ring or a band that is put on the cylinder at the other end and is applied to the body. Both the cylinder and the pump help create a vacuum enabling the organ to erect while the constriction ring enables it to maintain the erection. Vacuum constriction devices are used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by several conditions which may include poor blood flow to the organ, diabetes, surgery for prostate or colon cancer as well as physiological issues such as being anxious or depressed.


When one is using Bathmate Direct device, he should place the pump over the organ and then pump it either using the hands or batteries can be used to remove all the air and create a vacuum. The created vacuum helps draw blood into the shaft of the organ leading to an erection. The retaining band should be moved down onto the lower end of the organ using a lubricant once an erection is achieved and then remove the pump after the vacuum has been released. The constriction ring or band can remain in place since it helps maintain an erection. Vacuum constriction devices should not be used by men with a congenital bleeding disorder or any other disorder that may make them susceptible to prolonged or even painful erections that can last for several hours.


When looking for the best vacuum constriction device in the market to help with erectile dysfunction and achieve the desired results, one has to make several considerations. One should always go for a vacuum constriction device whose purpose is to treat erectile dysfunction helping one to achieve an erection and maintain it. It is also good to make sure that you are aware of the company that you are buying the vacuum constriction device from to be assured of assistance in case of an issue. One should also ensure that the vacuum constriction device been purchased has an inbuilt release valve that helps ensure the user do not over pump which may create more pressure leading to tissue damage. Finally, one should also make sure that the vacuum constriction device comes with a money back guarantee and a warranty to ensure there is minimal cost risk when purchasing. Get the best penis pumps here!


Using vacuum constriction devices can help men with erectile dysfunction to get a stronger erection than a natural erection as well as maintaining it. They can also make a organ to enlarge permanently since consistency in use leads to expansion of penile tissues.